Maritime Local Area Networks

  • Copper and/or fiber LANs can move functions onshore providing remote monitoring, control, maintenance, real-time drilling data, videoconferencing and even entertainment.
  • Distant offshore to land links are assured by a marine fiber backbone.
    • Independent optical fiber cables running from shore to platforms and between platforms increase bandwidth and provide remote-control.
    • Nexans supplies repeaterless systems for up to 500 km.

Statoil (Norway) is expanding fiber optic connections from onshore to handle seismic survey operations, ocean bottom sensing, subsea processing and wellhead control, thus consolidating expertise in one land-based control center.

In the Caspian Sea, a single Cat 7 cable handles telephony, Internet, data and TV at 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds

Several North Sea platforms (Statoil) are being linked to achieve cost savings and better safety. Sensor fibers are used to monitor temperature, pressure, stress and overheating, so flow changes and hydrates ("wax") can be controlled.

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