High-voltage cables for transmission

Windfarms HV Offshore

  • Onshore AC transmission:
    • cables ranging from 60 kV to 500 kV, XLPE insulated
    • used for power transmission between the onshore wind farm substation to the central grid.
  • Offshore AC transmission:
    • submarine cables ranging from 60 kV to 500 kV with various designs
    • 3-core XLPE cables (60−225 kV)
    • single core XLPE up to 400 kV.
  • Onshore and offshore DC transmission up to 500 kV applicable for high transmission requirements and long distances:
    • mass-impregnated cables with Integrated Return Conductor
    • Polymer-based insulated DC cables.

Winfarms HV Onshore
For the Lynn-Inner Dowsing windpark, we supplied and installed a 40 km long export cable to shore.