Just like everybody else, we are closely following the COVID-19 situation both locally and globally.
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Nytt beregningsverktøy for dimensjonering av kabel.
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Med et bredt spekter av luftkabler og supporterende utstyr, gir vi deg en komplett luftløsning for fiber.
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Frozen water pipes may crack and cause very extensive and costly damage. Use our heating cable DEFROST FLEX for unextected and expensive surprises this winter.
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We have created an innovative service for returning used NX drums - easy for you, and good for the environment!
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Renovating.... also the perfect time to install heating cables.
Choose heating cables when renovating the house


All cables used in any type of building are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Learn about your responsibilities on fire safety and how to comply
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Get PR PLUSS™ installation cable in black - customized for dark interior.
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Heating cables

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When choosing the N-HEAT® electrical heating solutions you choose undisputable quality, a century of experience and reliability of an industry leader.