N-Comfort DT+ -  The new unique bluetooth and eco design approved thermostat for Din-Mounting from Nexans, which configures through our N-Comfort app. The new Nexans N-Comfort App is available to  download from Google Play & App Store.

No programming is required at start-up, it selects the standard settings that are pre-programmed in the thermostat, for Snow melting you have to use the advance settings.

The basic use of the thermostat is simple:

  • The thermostat is controlled with a rotary knob and an optional setback switch.
  • Turn off the device by rotating the knob to OFF position
  • Turn ON and adjust the desired temperature with the knob, mid position corresponding to 25°C
  • Use external 230VAC setback switch to activate the eco temperature (19°C by default)



You can access all the thermostat data with a free of charge N-Comfort app running in Android and iOS mobile devices. With the app you read logged temperatures, modify settings and define a weekly user program. App can also generate email reports. Follow the guides in N-Comfort app. Thermostat indicates the mobile device connection with fast blinking red led.

For using it as a derost/snow melting you need to activet the Snow melting in the app.

  • Snow melting ON
    • Min and max setting specify the active knob range
    • When outdoor temperature is below this setting point the snow melting operation is active


  • Snow melting air humidity min
    • When wireless outdoor temperature sensor is used the thermostat alsoeceives air humidity level.
    • Snow melting function will not be activated if theair humidity is below this limit.



Bluetooth: Version 4.2
Power supply: 230V - 50Hz
Maximum load: 16A (resistive)
Temperature range: +5°C/+35°C
External Temperature setback: 230V - 50Hz
IP class: IP20 
Standard Color: Grey
Sensors: External floor sensor NTC or wireless bluetooth sensor




pdf — 1.8 MB
pdf — 224.1 kB

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