Bærekraftig energi: BienVEnu-prosjektet utepekt som vinner av Grid Intelligence

Sustainable Energy: The BienVEnu project wins the Grid Intelligence awardThe European Utility Industry Awards, held during European Utility week, recognise and celebrate innovative projects that have shown outstanding commitments towards and accomplishments in sustainable energy. The Awards are divided into six categories: Community Energy, Grid intelligence, Energy Revolution, Energy Management and Best International Project.

The BienVEnu project was nominated for the Grid Intelligence category and it was announced at the show on November 15th that BienVEnu was the winner. This is a brilliant achievement and is a great example of the support surrounding the project.

This Award is a further recognition of the promising future of electric vehicles in particular through the innovative charging solution proposed by Nexans and its partners.

Sustainable Energy: The BienVEnu project wins the Grid Intelligence awardShortly before the Grid Intelligence award at Utility Week, Nexans has announced the delivery of the first EV charging stations. On this occasion, French television France 3 Champagne-Ardenne realized a report in the Nexans factory in Donchery and interviewed Annie Cheenne, Director of development of electric mobility at Nexans and Olivier Poirot, Commercial Director for this business.

Please watch the report here.

TV report by M.Guillerot /P. Boudet / F. Théry  -  France 3 Champagne Ardenne