Power cable installation

Topographical surveys, design and engineering are done in close cooperation with the customer. Actual installation involves project management carefully planned logisitcs. Long after commissioning ans testing, we are still there to train personnel and intervene rapidy in case of system failure.

Offshore installation
C/S Nexans Skagerrak was the first purpose-built vessel for transport and laying of large submarine power cables. She has a unique service record covering installation of cables and umbilicals including some of the world´s largest power cables. Developments in the laying of long and heavy submarine cables at greater depths, have made it necessary to employ larger and more specialised transport and laying vessels built especially for that purpose. Nexans´ Capjet system trenches cables and umbilicals by fluidising the seabed materials. Today, Nexans Norway offers two basic versions of the system: the Capjet Trencher systems and the Capjet Rock Cutter system.

Accessories and electrical installation
For all cable installations, Nexans Norway will offer purposedesigned accessories, manufactured and tested in accordance with the same international standards as the cable itself, in most cases IEC standards. Joints and terminations for oil-filled and XLPE-insulated cables are always designed as an integrated part of the cable system. Also transition joints between oil-filled and XLPE-insulated cables are included in our cable accessories program.

Key Projects
Download the list to see some of our Umbilical Cables and Trenching projects.
Marine Installation Services: Key Projects